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What is the Women’s Impact Academy?

The Women’s Impact Academy connects, empowers, and educates women. We focus on relationships, family, business, health, mindset, wealth, influence, spirituality & community. We are a collective of women who believe power exists within the woman who is connected to herself and her community. We believe when a woman is empowered in this way, she will not only become the creator of her own life, she will also contribute to a better world for her community and beyond. 

We are here to guide you to:

  • Get clear on what you want
  • Become reconnected with yourself
  • Dramatically improve your relationships with others
  • Increase your wealth conciseness and influence
  • Use social media marketing to level up in your business
  • Learn tools along the way to let go of a victimhood mindset and take radical responsibility for your life!

“Come for the Connection. Stay for the Creation. Be a part of the Contribution.” ~W.I.A.

What does the Women's Impact Academy have to offer? 

Check out this video where we share what the Five Founders bring to the table, what you get when you join the Academy,  who the Women's Impact Academy is for, and topics we will cover in our Roundtable Discussions. 


Meet the Founders

Julie Wieler, Business & Social Media

Life can truly change in the blink of an eye. I know it sounds cliché but for me that is how I ended up here. A life altering diagnosis changed my family overnight. I went from being a stay-at-home mom to the breadwinner in our family and it was one of the greatest blessings I could have ever asked for. 

My name is Julie Wieler and I specialize in Business development and Marketing because I love helping women step into careers that light them up. With a large amount of women working in fields such as network marketing and direct sales, I love to share how to use tools like Social Media to create an incredible business and legacy. Now, more than ever, the everyday women can build an empire and live the life she dreams of. Let’s get started.

Sandy Gonzalez, Transformation Coach

From being homeless at 17, to being a single mom at 20, I have had to overcome many obstacles and learn many lessons. My passion for helping others to create lasting transformation in their lives stems from the transformation I’ve had to create in mine.

My name is Sandy Gonzalez. I am a wife, a mother of three, and a Transformation Coach. I specialize in coaching clients towards a healthier body, healthier mind, and healthier finances. I believe in supporting women in getting clear on their vision and implementing a pathway to getting what they want. I have earned multiple degrees and certifications, and have attended countless seminars and workshops in order to learn how to teach others the same tools and skills I have utilized throughout my journey.

My personal mission is to inspire, guide, and lead by example. I want to be a beacon of hope for others who feel or have felt stuck, lost, or broken and to lead them into a life of abundance. I have a moral obligation to pay it forward and help others to discover that they too have the power within themselves to create whatever life they choose!

Hannah Rae, Soul Integration Mentor

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by people, but completely alone? I spent most of my life feeling this way, surrounded by people but never feeling quite right. I would often find myself thinking that there had to be ‘more’ out there. I spent most of my twenties traveling around the world, and embarking in personal development to search for the meaning I felt was missing from my life. It wasn’t until life challenged me to get still and look within, that I realized what I was searching for had been inside of me all along.

My name is Hannah and I am the Soul Integration Mentor. To me, spirituality is not about a set of rules or religion. It’s about reconnecting with a part of yourself that has more unconditional love than you could ever imagine. It’s about understanding and knowing that you are part of a power that is greater than yourself. 

In my journey I have come to realize I was not alone in feeling disconnected. In fact, I believe this is something many women experience. What I know is this; darkness only exists in the absence of light. It is my mission to empower every woman I know to discover this light within.

Amanda Schneider, Relationships & Communication

Have you ever had the experience of not feeling like you fully fit in and you just aren’t being seen and heard?

My name is Amanda Schneider. I have wandered my way through the corporate, education, and direct selling spaces for the last 25 years picking up key learnings to become the award-winning, international speaker and trainer I am today. I am passionate about helping women find the safe spaces where they can feel seen and heard and gain confidence to step authentically into who they were meant to be. Love and belonging are fundamental human needs.

I guide women in learning how to communicate more effectively in their relationships so they can experience greater love and belonging in their lives. When a woman feels like she belongs and is deeply loved, she can feel more of the abundance and joy that life has to offer!

Carla Bauer, Wealth & Influence

Money can be an uncomfortable conversation, yet it is so vital to our everyday lives. Whether we have a little or a lot of it, the truth is we have a relationship with it as soon as we can count. I want to take this taboo topic - that carries a lot of emotion - and face it together. Imagine what could be possible when we drop the shame, blame and fear.

The topic of influence is a game-changer. It is the impact you have on others. When you have influence you have the world by the tail. Understanding the effect you have on others can elevate your life whether you are a business owner, working your way up the corporate ladder, getting your husband to do a task around the house, or convincing your kids to eat their vegetables.

The topics of money and influence and our relationship with them can be overwhelming. I’m here to empower women to understand and embrace them. To feel confident, secure and excited about them! They can be loaded topics – let’s walk through this together.

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